Where it all began…


It all started in 2006, (I was just 13 years old) when my family and I went in a short trip in Italy, our first one abroad. We went just to see our relatives there, but in these days my parents decided that it’s a waste of time if we don’t visit anything important from the area.

So we went to Rome. I was shocked, though I felt so comfortable (you can see that from the pictures) that I cannot believe it yet.

We only had two days to visit the Eternal City, so in the first one we went to Vatican and we managed to visit just the Saint Peter’s church. I cannot tell you, there’s nothing bigger than that mass of marble, bronze and stone. Okay, maybe from the outside you cannot realize how big it is, but when you are inside it, you cannot believe that all that thing is real. We went first of all onto the dome, to see the panoramic view of the city, and after that in the interior of the dome, from where we saw the people down in the church like tiny ants. After all, we visited the inside of the church, with all the chapels, the famous St. Peter’s Baldachin and right before exiting the church, we only saw a bit of Michelangelo’s Pieta, because of the large crowd of tourists ahead. You can say that we saw very few things in one day, but in that summer (as always) it’s full of tourists. As I don’t have yet the pictures of Vatican, here’s a small video made by my father about our trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B6VH4_v1fo

The next day we went to see the Roman Forum. We went from the Trajan’s baths, to  the Colosseum, went through the Roman Forum, through Campidoglio and finished the tour at the Trajan’s Column, near Altare della Patria. We also had a short encounter with the Fontana di Trevi, in which we threw coins, as everybody does. I will let the pictures speak about this magnificent 2-days tour through this stunning city.

Though I haven’t seen much of Rome, and I knew nothing about History and Art, it was enough. This was my first encounter with the History and it was critical, even if I only had 13 years old.

I hope that this passion that grows every day will never fade.


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